Can You See Me Now?

Whenever I walk past a Bird of Paradise plant here in Hawaii, I think the flower is looking and stretching its glorious self and just trying so hard to be seen.  I'm fortunate living here in Maui and seeing some amazing tropical flowers and plants. Fun to paint these colorful pieces.  I was trying to paint as free as I could. Not worrying about the edges and lines.

Tutu in Her Garden

I painted Tutu in Her Garden a few years ago. Seeing grandma out in her garden, working the soil, pulling the weeds. This painting came to me one day after seeing a woman sitting in her garden just looking at the flowers. This grandmother had that blue hair you sometimes see. She had a sassy red hat on.  She was dressed well and smiled with joy, surrounded by the results of all her hard work which obviously paid off. 

This painting hangs in Hilo's Hospice Building. I donated it after my father passed from battling cancer. I thought it might be nice for families to see, and maybe remind them of their loved ones working in the garden.