High Sierras 2013

Every year I go back packing with a group of friends. We come from many different states.. not just physically, but states of mind! :)

We hike in the high country and see the most amazing lakes.  No I don't go for a swim, the water is way too cold for me. But the others, they have more guts and jump right on in!

Somewhere in the mountains headed to Mount Everest base Camp

I came across this picture taken on our trek to Mount Everest Base Camp.  We came upon this village where the rocks were covered with painted white writing. It was amazing to see, touch and just 'be' with.  I was fascinated with the size of the rocks and the amount of writing covering all the walls in site.  

I would love to paint something using this 'design' as a background. I think it has so much texture. It was absolutely beautiful.

50 mph winds blew ideas into my head!


I was back packing up Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii. The winds were incredibly strong. At that high elevation, the winds were super cold also.  It was a gorgeous weekend of some amazing sites.  The cinder has such an array of colors from jet black to deep red and rusty orange.