Mini Paintings

I started painting some smaller pieces recently.  I was thinking that I needed to have a variety of sizes of paintings available, with an array of prices.  It took a bit of work to get used to painting on such a small canvas.  I didn't have brushes that were small enough!  Once I got my system going, I sure had a lot of fun.  Now I enjoy using smaller brushes and painting in the minature arena.  It's a whole different world!

Pulling out the ART

Have you ever just pulled out all your art and looked at it as a grouping.. It really gives you an idea of what you have available and what it looks like as a whole. I did this not too long ago.  I pulled my art out to see what I have and how it's looking.  I wanted to make sure none of my pieces are damaged.  I'm looking for thick plastic bags of various sizes to store my art in.  I have a few, but would like to find more.

I pulled my art out because I was in the process of organizing my spreadsheet of all my art.  I have all my art organized for quick review.

I number all my pieces; the number is a combination of a few things.

1. order of when it was painted

2. month it was painted

3. year it was painted

So a number might look like this: 2210614 (221 painting I did in June of '14). I had an artist friend tell me to do it this way because it makes for easy reference down the road. When you think about years from now, you might not remember when you painted something or if it was before/after another painting.  I have found this system a great way to stay organized.  

I have a spreadsheet with: a thumbnail of the painting, title, size, price, who I sold it to, where it is located.  This has been great for quick reference when someone has a question about a certain piece of my art.  The trick is to write the information down as soon as you finish your painting. Don't save it for later-later never seems to come.