Mini Paintings

I started painting some smaller pieces recently.  I was thinking that I needed to have a variety of sizes of paintings available, with an array of prices.  It took a bit of work to get used to painting on such a small canvas.  I didn't have brushes that were small enough!  Once I got my system going, I sure had a lot of fun.  Now I enjoy using smaller brushes and painting in the minature arena.  It's a whole different world!

Art Maui 2015

Schaefer International Gallery at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center is currently displaying a juried art show  'Art Maui'.  I submitted two pieces into this show, and one was selected. I had a friend who is an Art Critic help me pick which pieces to enter.  He picked two pieces, both of which I wouldn't have considered entering.

He suggested I enter two very different styles of my work.  The idea being if the juror doesn't care for one style, I have another option to show the them.  I had researched this juror online, checking out what type of art he produced. I also read what he was looking for in this particular show.  Interesting process looking through all of my art pieces and deciding which would be best for this show.

There were 325 artists who registered 511 works. 110 works, by 99 artists, were selected.  During the opening event, I walked around and saw the diversity of pieces displayed.  Even though this show is held in Maui, the work shown could be from anywhere- L.A., San Fransisco, east coast somewhere.  To have my work picked felt like such an honor!

Watching people look at my art piece was fantastic.  Having people aproach me and ask about my art, where I have traveled to bring such bold colors to my palette was fabulous.  Having my art in this show is just the beginning of many more shows.  I know that if I hadn't entered this show, it's like I was given a 'No' already.  Just try, enter shows and build up the list of people who recognize you!

Painting by the Beach

I went down to Kamaole II Beach Park here in Maui the other day. I thought I would try painting at a picnic table I frequent.  I was thinking this would be a great way for people to stop by and watch, maybe even buy one of my little 4 x 4 inch paintings. 

It wasn't quite so easy.  I was at the mercy of the weather...wind was starting to pick up so I wouldn't be able to stay very long because  the paint was drying on my brush.  A few people did stop by and say hello, what are you doing.. that sort of thing- which is great, just what I wanted. But then a woman stopped by and sat down and proceeded to just chat.  I can't paint and chat.  I have now learned this. Made note to self!

View from the green tunnel

I was cruising on my moped a few days ago.. heading upcountry Maui.  No plan, no worries, just enjoying another beautiful day in Maui.   I drove through this beautiful tunnel of greenery.  I think it will make for a great painting in the future. I tend to take a lot of pictures while I'm out and about. I just never know when I will find some inspiration.

Sunset in Kihei, Maui

Every day I am fortunate enough to see the sunset. I hurry to the beach to catch the day's gift.  It's different every day, some days more colorful and others more subtle.  

When we get the vog (volcano+fog=vog) from the Big Island, the sunsets can be even more colorful. 

I have painted many pieces from my sunset visits.  Inspiration every day!