Working in the studio on some new pieces

I have a new studio to work in. It's amazing. It used to be an old school, and this room was the art room. How perfect is that?  I've started painting on wood, and love the effect of the grain showing through.

Mini Paintings

I started painting some smaller pieces recently.  I was thinking that I needed to have a variety of sizes of paintings available, with an array of prices.  It took a bit of work to get used to painting on such a small canvas.  I didn't have brushes that were small enough!  Once I got my system going, I sure had a lot of fun.  Now I enjoy using smaller brushes and painting in the minature arena.  It's a whole different world!

Pulling out the ART

Have you ever just pulled out all your art and looked at it as a grouping.. It really gives you an idea of what you have available and what it looks like as a whole. I did this not too long ago.  I pulled my art out to see what I have and how it's looking.  I wanted to make sure none of my pieces are damaged.  I'm looking for thick plastic bags of various sizes to store my art in.  I have a few, but would like to find more.

I pulled my art out because I was in the process of organizing my spreadsheet of all my art.  I have all my art organized for quick review.

I number all my pieces; the number is a combination of a few things.

1. order of when it was painted

2. month it was painted

3. year it was painted

So a number might look like this: 2210614 (221 painting I did in June of '14). I had an artist friend tell me to do it this way because it makes for easy reference down the road. When you think about years from now, you might not remember when you painted something or if it was before/after another painting.  I have found this system a great way to stay organized.  

I have a spreadsheet with: a thumbnail of the painting, title, size, price, who I sold it to, where it is located.  This has been great for quick reference when someone has a question about a certain piece of my art.  The trick is to write the information down as soon as you finish your painting. Don't save it for later-later never seems to come.


Art Maui 2015

Schaefer International Gallery at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center is currently displaying a juried art show  'Art Maui'.  I submitted two pieces into this show, and one was selected. I had a friend who is an Art Critic help me pick which pieces to enter.  He picked two pieces, both of which I wouldn't have considered entering.

He suggested I enter two very different styles of my work.  The idea being if the juror doesn't care for one style, I have another option to show the them.  I had researched this juror online, checking out what type of art he produced. I also read what he was looking for in this particular show.  Interesting process looking through all of my art pieces and deciding which would be best for this show.

There were 325 artists who registered 511 works. 110 works, by 99 artists, were selected.  During the opening event, I walked around and saw the diversity of pieces displayed.  Even though this show is held in Maui, the work shown could be from anywhere- L.A., San Fransisco, east coast somewhere.  To have my work picked felt like such an honor!

Watching people look at my art piece was fantastic.  Having people aproach me and ask about my art, where I have traveled to bring such bold colors to my palette was fabulous.  Having my art in this show is just the beginning of many more shows.  I know that if I hadn't entered this show, it's like I was given a 'No' already.  Just try, enter shows and build up the list of people who recognize you!

Painting by the Beach

I went down to Kamaole II Beach Park here in Maui the other day. I thought I would try painting at a picnic table I frequent.  I was thinking this would be a great way for people to stop by and watch, maybe even buy one of my little 4 x 4 inch paintings. 

It wasn't quite so easy.  I was at the mercy of the weather...wind was starting to pick up so I wouldn't be able to stay very long because  the paint was drying on my brush.  A few people did stop by and say hello, what are you doing.. that sort of thing- which is great, just what I wanted. But then a woman stopped by and sat down and proceeded to just chat.  I can't paint and chat.  I have now learned this. Made note to self!

View from the green tunnel

I was cruising on my moped a few days ago.. heading upcountry Maui.  No plan, no worries, just enjoying another beautiful day in Maui.   I drove through this beautiful tunnel of greenery.  I think it will make for a great painting in the future. I tend to take a lot of pictures while I'm out and about. I just never know when I will find some inspiration.

Sunset in Kihei, Maui

Every day I am fortunate enough to see the sunset. I hurry to the beach to catch the day's gift.  It's different every day, some days more colorful and others more subtle.  

When we get the vog (volcano+fog=vog) from the Big Island, the sunsets can be even more colorful. 

I have painted many pieces from my sunset visits.  Inspiration every day!


Can You See Me Now?

Whenever I walk past a Bird of Paradise plant here in Hawaii, I think the flower is looking and stretching its glorious self and just trying so hard to be seen.  I'm fortunate living here in Maui and seeing some amazing tropical flowers and plants. Fun to paint these colorful pieces.  I was trying to paint as free as I could. Not worrying about the edges and lines.

Tutu in Her Garden

I painted Tutu in Her Garden a few years ago. Seeing grandma out in her garden, working the soil, pulling the weeds. This painting came to me one day after seeing a woman sitting in her garden just looking at the flowers. This grandmother had that blue hair you sometimes see. She had a sassy red hat on.  She was dressed well and smiled with joy, surrounded by the results of all her hard work which obviously paid off. 

This painting hangs in Hilo's Hospice Building. I donated it after my father passed from battling cancer. I thought it might be nice for families to see, and maybe remind them of their loved ones working in the garden.

Aspen Trees in Colorado

My brother Eric lives in Colorado.  He talks about the aspen trees a lot. The beautiful white bark, and dancing green leaves are captivating.  I decided to paint a picture of these aspen trees for him. Even though the trees are so white and green, I found color!  This is the result of my aspen idea.

Aqua Sky

This was a painting I did for fun. All of my paintings are for fun, but some are with no intentions or preconceived ideas.  I love the ocean and the swirls created by the waves. I paint a lot of ocean pieces. I like to paint the sun in different ways, using a flowers pedals as the arms of the sun rase to show it touching the water. The yellow arms reaching out into the sky.  This piece is available for purchase.

Robin the Surfer chick

My sister Robin... the coolest surfer chick around. I did this painting from a photo of Robin. I think she was surfing at Flat Island in Kailua, Oahu.  Yes she had her shades on, no her hair isn't green- I'm the one in the family with the hair color changes. I just love this photo, so I had to paint it!

Mosaic Wall

Mosaic tiled wall... love mosaic art!  I thnk the randomness of it all, the whimsical design and color, the texture, wonderful!

When I do my morning walks here in Kihei, Maui, I pass this public bathroom with the beautiful tiles.  


Saying good bye to Kihei sunset for awhile

I can't get enough of Kihei, Maui sunsets.. Every night it's a gift.  I have taken many pictures, and come up with some beautiful images for my art.  Can't wait to watch some sunsets while back packing in the High Sierra Mountains!

High Sierras 2013

Every year I go back packing with a group of friends. We come from many different states.. not just physically, but states of mind! :)

We hike in the high country and see the most amazing lakes.  No I don't go for a swim, the water is way too cold for me. But the others, they have more guts and jump right on in!

Getting ready for the back country trip

I have my gang who meet each year for a back packing trip.  This year we are going into the High Sierra Mountains near Bishop, California.  I take a zillion pictures.  I get so many ideas for paintings while I'm out in the mountains. It's absolutely amazing being high above the trees and into the clouds.

High Sierra Mountains 2013

High Sierra Mountains 2013

Somewhere in the mountains headed to Mount Everest base Camp

I came across this picture taken on our trek to Mount Everest Base Camp.  We came upon this village where the rocks were covered with painted white writing. It was amazing to see, touch and just 'be' with.  I was fascinated with the size of the rocks and the amount of writing covering all the walls in site.  

I would love to paint something using this 'design' as a background. I think it has so much texture. It was absolutely beautiful.